Friday, 6 January 2012

Hindu Cosmology (4)

What Is Cosmology?: Cosmology Is the science of origin and development of the Universe. 

In this post we will be looking at how the Hindu religion believes the Universe works and how it was created. 

In Hinduism creation is believed to take place in cycles. The cyclical cosmology states that the universe goes through long periods of creation and destruction, it is a pattern that repeats itself endlessly. At the end of a cycle the destructive forces will gradually take control and eventually bring creation to a long pause. At the end of that pause the universe will be recreated again.

Reincarnation: With the cycle patterns of the universe, people are created and recreated until they finally reach Moksha (Ultimate Salvation)

According to the Samsara a person is reincarnated from one life form to another, the person’s personality traits from their past life were not transmitted into their next life and the individuals cannot recall their past lives. 

Samsara: Is the Wheel Of Rebirth, a person is reincarnated from one life form to another after they die.The Atman (real self) stays the same but the life form changes depending on Karma; the deeds and actions the person completed in their past life.

This is a Hindu illustration of the Samsara:

The topic of reincarnation may be hard for some people to grasp, so I have created the chart below, which depicts the start of the Samsara then the lowest life forms you can potentially be and the highest. You move up a rank if you lived a life full of good karma, if you did evil deeds in during your life when you die you are demoted to a lower life form.  

What You Should Have Learned: 

Hindu cosmology works in long cycles. 
Samasara is the Wheel of Rebirth.
Hindus believe after you die you are reincarnated 
Karma is the deeds or actions of a person
Karma is what determines what you will be reincarnated as
If you lived a life full of good Karma you will be moved up the Samsara 
If you committed evil crimes in a past life you will be demoted down the Samara 
Atman is the real self